Gluten Free Baking

Great Baking. Without Gluten


I’m Zoe, and I make a damn good gluten free cake.

Since giving up gluten in 2014 I’ve been experimanting with gluten free baking. Its somewhere between an art and a science and a magic. I’ve worked out a few tricks (and had a fair few disasters) along the way, and Bake + be Happy is where I share them.

Why Do I Love Gluten Free Baking?

Picture that gluten free person in your life (it might be you. It might be your kid, or your BFF or your great aunt or that guy at work. But there must be someone, or else what are we doing here, looking up gluten free baking recipes? Hmmm? Just curious? Okay, fine, you can stick around for the gluten free baking party (We finally have cake).

Now, imagine baking that person a cake. A cake that doesn’t make them ill. A cake that makes them look worried for a second because its so damn good, they’re sure it can’t be gluten free. A cake that makes them smile on the second bite, when they know its not only safe, but goddamn delicious. Sweet and tasty and moist as hell.

Now imagine serving that cake up to your gluten-eating friends and having them not even notice that there’s something unusual about it (except that its a goddamn delicious work of art).

That ‘did you really make it yourself?’, ‘OMG youll have to give me the recipe’, ‘you’re an actual goddess, thank you for blessing us with your goddamn beaufiful baked goods’ feeling of satisfaction that only comes with serving up an amazing cake (Whether its gluten free or not) is why.

Also, I love cake

Gluten free cakes are all too often dry, Boring and vastly overcomplicated. I want to teach people how to make delicious cakes, that you’d barely know are gluten free, so that everyone can enjoy them together (and when I say ‘enjoy’, I mean ‘fighting-over-the-last-slice level love‘).

I went gluten free in 2014 and this is actually my second gluten free blog. I started my previous blog (EatsLeeds.co.uk, if you’re interested) to share healthy vegetarian recipes, gluten free bakes, running tips, local restaurant and event reccomendations, and general gluten free chit chat.

But honestly, it was mostly chit chat. I didn’t have a focus, I didn’t have a purpose. I wanted to help people eat better food, but I couldn’t seem to focus on one topic for more than about 5 minutes.

Thats why, in early 2017, I niched down and started Bake + be Happy. My gluten free cake recipes were always the most popular on EatsLeeds (and let’s face it , everyone loves cake). Celiacs, and other people who eat gluten free, miss out on proper cake. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can bake great cakes, without gluten.

And that’s why I teach people how to make better gluten free cakes.

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