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Once you know what you’re doing, gluten free baked goodies can be just as delicious and easy-to-throw-together as baked goods made with wheat flour.

But that caveat “once you know what you’re doing” really rings true.

There is no one-size-fits-all gluten free substitute for wheat flour.

Where to buy gluten free flour and baking ingredients UK

Where to Buy Gluten Free Flour and Baking Ingredients in the UK

A lot of gluten free ingredients, and wheat-flour replacements can be found in regular supermarkets these days, but I buy ahead online, and keep a stock of the basics in my cupboard.

You can buy various brands of ready-mixed gluten free flour blends, or mix your own. Most of the recipes I share on Bake + be Happy use a combination of gluten free flour substitutes, instead of a premade mix.

Here in my ingredients shop, I’ve included all the flour substitutes used in the recipes I share, as well as other gluten free baking staples like gluten free baking podwer, bicarbonate of soda and xanthan gum.

Each individual recipe page also includes information on the ingredients used in that specific bake.

How to Save Money on Gluten Free Flour and Gluten Free Baking Ingredients

I like to keep a stock of gluten free flours and other gluten free baking ingredients on hand in my kitchen cupboards.

Buying in bulk online has saved my countless times, from wasting an entire morning galivanting around in search of the precise gluten-free ingredient (only to give up, make a panicked substitution, and end up with a crumbly-sticky-funny-tasting mess).

Its happened too many times to count.

Ordering the gluten free flour substitutes on Amazon is also way cheaper than buying in tiny packages at the supermarket or health-food shop (which means thats its cheaper than ever to whip up your favourite gluten free bakes too).

Where to Buy Gluten Free Baking Ingredients

In this shop you’ll find most of the gluten free alternatives to flour that I use in baking. Most gluten free baing recipes also include everyday baking staples, like butter, eggs, and sugar. I haven’t included these in my shop because most people can easily source them from supermarkets.

The items in my shop are sold under Amazon Affiliate links. That means that if you want to make a purchase, you can just click through to Amazon and order there as normal. If you make a purchase through my link, I’ll get a small comission from Amazon (at no cost to you). I only reccomend things that will genuinely help you to bake better gluten free goodies. You can see my full disclaimer policy and T&Cs here

How to Save Money on Gluten Free Flour and Gluten Free Baking Ingredients